Svalbard Arctic char fish

This video says about itself:

Tough Love, Arctic Char Style

Arctic char spawning in beautiful Savalen, Norway.

Filmed handheld with a Canon 60D on 09.27.2011.

Music: “Ranjit Prasad” (F. Hamrå/H. Stubø).

Performed by Jazz & Fly Fishing.

The book Birds and Mammals of Svalbard, on page 201, writes about one species which is neither a mammal nor a bird, but a fish.

It is the Arctic char, the species occurring furthest to the north of all freshwater fish.

It is the only freshwater fish of Svalbard. Apparently, there are not enough of them for all food needs of fish-eating birds like red-throated divers; as these often fly out to sea to catch marine fish.

Birds and Mammals of Svalbard writes that Arctic char are in over 100 lakes and waterways of the Spitsbergen archipelago. Some of them stay in fresh water all their lives, and are usually comparatively small. Some are anadromous: they migrate from the fresh water to the sea, and then back to spawn. They are usually bigger than the stationary Arctic char.


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