Egyptian fishing town against BP gas plans

This video, in Arabic with English subtitles, is about opposition in an Egyptian fishing town, Idku, on the Mediterranean coast, against plans by BP corporation to drill for gas there. They don’t want the Mediterranean to become like the Gulf of Mexico after BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster.

11 thoughts on “Egyptian fishing town against BP gas plans

  1. C’est ce qui se passe chez nous à Gabès( Tunisie) où les usines polluent l’atmosphère et le sol. La culture et la mer sont détruites. Les nappes d’eau sont exploitées à nos dépens. Les habitants souffrent de multitudes maladies très graves tel le cancer et la fracture ” gabesienne”. Ces usines s’enrichissent sur notre compte.


    • Are all these polluting factories in Gabès Tunisian-owned, or are some of them also foreign owned? If some are foreign owned, then maybe environmental groups in the owners’ countries might help.


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