British science museums threatened

This video is called Science Museum, in London.

By Robert Stevens in Britain:

At least one major UK museum faces closure

15 June 2013

Massive spending cuts by the Conservative/Liberal government are set to be announced in this month’s Comprehensive Spending Review. They are expected to further devastate many cultural institutions, and result in the closure of one of the museums of the flagship Science Museum Group (SMG).

This month SMG director Ian Blatchford announced that a further 10 percent cut in its budget would likely lead to the closure of the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester (MOSI), the National Railway Museum in York or the National Media Museum in Bradford. Blanchford also stressed that “big cuts” may also be required at SMG’s London base, the Science Museum founded in 1857.

3 thoughts on “British science museums threatened

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  2. On “At least one major UK museum faces closure”

    I cannot believe the British would consider closing the Museum of Science & Industry in Manchester. I visited this museum at the conclusion of a literary tour of England in 2010, and it was one of the highlights of my trip. One does not have to be a scientist or technical person to appreciate it.

    In fact, it is the perfect complement to a “literary” tour because it shows you the nuts and bolts of real life, the technology which drove civilization in a city so important to the industrial revolution. There is so much here which challenges the imagination.

    I particularly enjoyed the textile galleries, and the incredible machines on display for processing cotton at various stages (the museum schedules demos for visitors). At the time of my visit, there was a special exhibition, “Da Vinci: the Genius,” highlighting his inventions, and featuring a “Secrets of the Mona Lisa” display, using scientific techniques to better understand art. I was one of the last people to leave, at closing time.

    Manchester was the only UK venue for this spectacular exhibit. The British should be enlarging the science museum, not reducing its budget or closing it.

    Lesley J
    Ohio, USA
    20 June 2013


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