World poetry festival in Venezuela

This video, recorded in Colombia, is about Venezuelan poet William Osuna, reading his poem La Calle.

From Prensa Latina News Agency:

26 Countries to Attend World Festival of Poetry in Venezuela

Caracas, Jun 14 – The 10th World Festival of Poetry, to be held from June 17th to June 22nd in Venezuela, will be attended by 28 world poets from 26 countries, said the organizers today.

According to the ministry of Culture, Fidel Barbarito, the event represents “an opportunity to express the solidarity with the people of the world and is addressed to reassert words as appropriate means to fight for freedom in the framework of a tribute to be paid to the greatest poet, the (deceased) President Hugo Chavez“.

Barbarito also said that the event will also pay tribute to the poets Chelias Villarroel, Carlos Cesar Rodriguez and Jose Antonio Escalona.

The president of the Casa Nacional de las Letras Andres Bello, (Andres Bello National House of Poetry), the poet William Osuna, said that after the opening of the event, which will take place at Teresa Carreño Theater on June 18th, the 28 foreign poets will spread all over the country to take their poetry to the Venezuelan people.

Besides Venezuela, the festival will be attended by Germany, Argentina, Bahamas, Bolivia, Chile, China, Colombia, South Korea, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, United States, France, Haiti, India, Italy, Morocco, Mexico, Palestine, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, West Sahara and Uruguay.


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