New butterfly species from Texas discovered

Vicroy's ministreak, Ministrymon janevicroy, left and gray ministreak, right

By Laura Klappenbach, Guide in the USA:

New Species of Butterfly Named

May 29, 2013

Over a century ago, specimens of a tiny, green-eyed butterfly were preserved in the Smithsonian entomology collection. At the time, the butterfly specimen was classified as a gray ministreak. But recently, scientists re-examined the species and determined that it was not a gray ministreak after all. They declared it a new species and gave it the common name Vicroy’s ministreak.

The Vicroy’s ministreak is a native to Texas. The new species differs from the gray ministreak in that it has green eyes (not black, like those of the gray ministreak). The Vicroy’s ministreak is about the size of a thumbnail. Its habitat overlaps with that of the gray ministreak.

The new species was discovered by Jeffrey Glassberg, the president of the North American Butterfly Association. He named the species after his wife, Jane Vicroy Scott.

More about this is here.

The scientific description of the new species is here.

Butterfly Metamorphosis VIDEO: CT Scans Show Transformation Of Insects Inside Outer Shell: here.

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