American kestrels, ospreys hatching on the Internet

This video is about American kestrels at a nestbox.

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA:

Bird Cams eNews Flash: Ospreys and kestrels are hatching!

The Dunrovin Osprey pair began hatching their first egg yesterday morning! A pip has appeared in a second egg, suggesting a second egg hatching is also imminent. This is a great step forward for this pair, as last year neither of their eggs hatched and eventually the nest was abandoned. Watch the Dunrovin Ospreys. Meanwhile, the other Osprey pair at Hellgate Canyon are incubating two eggs, and we expect them to start hatching in another 2-3 weeks.

During a busy Memorial Day Weekend, an American Kestrel egg was also beginning to hatch. The first nestling emerged Monday evening into the snug confines of its nest box. A second egg hatched the following morning and the two downy white nestlings are surrounded by three more eggs, giving plenty of opportunities to see them hatch live over the next few days.

Both of these nests will be consumed with activity over the coming weeks as the adults feed their growing broods. While you’re waiting for views of the young kestrels and Ospreys, you can also check out our Red-tailed Hawk cam  as they near their first flight (expected during the first week of June), as well as the active and growing nestlings on our Great Blue Heron cam.

We’ll continue to post updates on the Bird Cams Facebook page and on twitter at @birdcams. Thank you for watching.


Charles Eldermire
Bird Cams Project Leader

Victoria Campbell
Bird Cams Communication Specialist

5 thoughts on “American kestrels, ospreys hatching on the Internet

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