10 thoughts on “Sweden, riots and growing inequality

  1. It seems that there is no society in the world free from the blights of unemployment, poverty, in-equality, hostility to immigrants and right wing authoritarian governments… where are we all going???


  2. I am flabberghasted that Sweden who seemed such a model country in terms of migration faces such problems lately. I know these problems are similar everywhere – no language skill, no jobs, no sustainable income, children facing problems in school etc. Somehow refugees/migrants find themselves at the bottom of a society, even though they used to be someone in their homecountry…imagine, how would I feel?


    • I think part of the explanation is in the article: Sweden seemed a model country in terms of economic and social equality as well; but recently, inequality has increased. That means tensions. Right wingers try to deflect these tensions towards scapegoats: Jews, Muslims, Roma, etc.


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