British osprey chicks hatching

This video from England is called Rutland Ospreys 2013 – 19 May 15.42hrs – 2nd Egg Hatching.

From BirdLife:

First osprey chicks appearing across the country

Worrying incident as nest robber is disturbed

May 2013. Osprey chicks have been appearing across the UK in the last week, and, amazingly, more osprey eggs too. We think the first chicks to hatch were, as usual, in north Wales, at the Glaslyn Osprey project. Amazingly, just a few miles down the road, the Cors Dyfi ospreys have laid their first egg of the season and it’s one of the latest eggs ever laid by an osprey in the UK. Plentiful chicks have hatched in Rutland and more are on the way, but, worryingly, it appears that an egg collector tried to rob an osprey nest on the Threave Estate in Scotland.


At least 6 chicks have already hatched at Rutland Water, the spiritual home of ospreys in England, and there are two more nests yet to produce. More about Rutland Water Nature Reserve here.

Lake District

A Pair of ospreys have nested again in the Lake District, and eggs have been laid.

Loch of the Lowes – Remarkable ‘Lady’ lays 4 eggs!

The veteran osprey, known as ‘Lady’ has laid 4 eggs this year. She didn’t lay her first until later than usual, and there were concerns that perhaps she was infertile, but she has confounded everyone by laying 4 eggs. Read how to see the ospreys at the Loch of the Lowes wildlife reserve here.

Boat of Garten – 4 eggs

The regular pair at the Boat of Garten are also incubating 4 eggs. More about Loch Garten here.

Tweed Valley ospreys – First Scottish chick

A pair of ospreys in the Tweed Valley have hatched what is believed to be the first Scottish Osprey chick of the year, and have two more eggs as well.

Threave ospreys – Egg collector scared off!

Unbelievable as it is in this day and age, it appears that an egg collector was disturbed whilst trying to raid the osprey nest on the Threave Estate. A man in tree climbing gear was disturbed by a member of the public near the nest – Read more here.

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