Beavers help kingfishers

This video from Ireland is called Kingfisher | The Secret Life of the Shannon | RTÉ Goes Wild.

In Dutch nature reserve Lepelaarplassen, there are beavers.

According to Vroege Vogels TV, as these beavers fell trees, they help kingfishers find nesting opportunities.

The kingfisher was the favourite bird of Prince William of Orange, well known from the sixteenth century Dutch revolt against the king of Spain.

This video from the USA says about itself:

This is our preliminary introduction to a story that is unfolding in north central Washington and throughout the West, a story of fire and snow and beavers. The Methow Beaver Project is improving water storage in headwater creeks so salmon, eagles, frogs, lampreys, bats, songbirds, and people can have healthier futures in the face of diminishing snowpack. Stay tuned as we travel this road of learning and adapting together.

19 thoughts on “Beavers help kingfishers

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