Saudi women teachers demonstrate

This CNN video says about itself:

Feb 9, 2013

Protests are breaking out in Saudi Arabia and the crowds are mostly of women. Mohammed Jamjoom talks to Jonathan Mann.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Female teachers mount jobs rally

SAUDI ARABIA: Around 30 women teachers demonstrated outside the kingdom’s Education Ministry today, demanding full-time jobs.

They were calling for full-time contracts and benefits including steady pay and retirement packages.

The Labour Ministry admits there are more than 200,000 unemployed women seeking jobs in the kingdom and around 75 per cent of them are college graduates.

A picture of a conference in Saudi Arabia on ‘women in society’ – attended by men only – has gone viral. As absurd as it sounds, it reminds Louisa Peacock of a typical UK business conference: here.
Associated Press writes about this:

Some say they have been teaching part time in government schools for more than 10 years. The teachers have demonstrated in the past outside the ministry to press their demands.

18 thoughts on “Saudi women teachers demonstrate

  1. I meet lots of Saudi women traveling. They have remarkably successful post graduate degree completion rates for women in Saudi Arabia. But many cannot practice their profession.


  2. Court orders display of executed Yemenis

    SAUDI ARABIA: The country’s courts have executed five Yemenis convicted of crimes today and displayed their bodies in public as a deterrent.

    The Interior Ministry said that the five were convicted of setting up a gang that carried out crimes, including murder.

    The ministry said the court ordered the bodies displayed because the crimes “indicate that evil and corruption persist.”


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