Coot family story

Coot with chick, 19 May 2013

19 May 2013. After returning from Waverhoek, to the coot nest under the bridge.

Coot chick, 19 May 2013

At first, I see one chick.

Two coot chicks, 19 May 2013

Then, I see two chicks.

Coot chick on nest, 19 May 2013

They balance on the reed stems of the nest.

Then, the parent on the nest rises. Now, I see all chicks. Four of them. So far, I had only seen three.

Coot chick swimming, 19 May 2013

They start swimming.

Three coot chicks swimming, 19 May 2013

Two coot chicks swimming, 19 May 2013

21 May. Today, the non-nesting coot parent swims to the nest with food. The nesting coot gets up, revealing the chicks. The youngsters quickly get into the water, swimming to get their food. Unfortunately, I see only two chicks. The other two may have succumbed to the rain and cold. Officially, it is May, but most of the time the weather is more like November.

On my balcony, a magpie.

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