Destructive Canadian gold mining in Greece

This video from Greece says about itself:

April 28, 2013

SOS Halkidiki!

REACHING OUT to all citizens of Canada and the world.

A video with information about the gold mining project of the Canadian mining company Eldorado Gold Corp. and the social resistance movement against destructive mining activities in Halkidiki, Greece.

See also here.

HUNDREDS of mineworkers armed with wooden sticks, employed at the Skouries gold mine in the Khalkidiki area of northern Greece, on Sunday morning supported police riot squads in an attack on a rally of villagers calling for an end to the mine’s operations. Eyewitness K. Iglezi, a Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) parliamentary deputy, stated that, ‘the riot police united with the mineworkers of the Eldorado Gold company’. She added: ‘The police action exposes the SYRIZA-led government; who controls the police, the government or Eldorado Gold?’: here.

Greek riot police clash with protesters in Athens and at Hellas gold mine: here.

Greek Gold disrupting the internal market: on state aid, tax evasion, and environmental destruction: here.

8 thoughts on “Destructive Canadian gold mining in Greece

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