12 thoughts on “Bahraini human rights violated again

  1. Bahrain citizens denied basic rights

    2 hours ago

    In the U.S., many citizens exercise their right to peaceful assembly. However, in Bahrain this basic human right is being denied. Citizens are subject to ridiculous punishments for peaceful expression and assembly.

    In a recent ruling of Bahrain’s Court of Cassation, seven of 13 defendants were sentenced to life in prison simply for expressing their feelings. However, more severe crimes are being given less harsh punishments. For example, a police officer was given only seven years for repeatedly firing his gun at an unarmed citizen.

    Bahrain has taken steps to reform its government, though these attempts were never fully carried out. Bahrain’s citizens are still going to jail for reasons the government refers to as: illegal gathering, unauthorized demonstration and inciting hatred against the regime.

    To demote these gatherings, police have taken actions such as releasing teargas into crowds and setting off sound bombs. Police were also given the authority to torture protestors or use excessive force to stop them. In one incident a police officer brutally kicked and punched a woman before spitting on her because she was engaging in a peaceful protest.

    These types of regulations are major blows to the basic human rights of Bahrain’s citizens and action needs to be taken immediately.

    Jennifer Barnes



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  4. Bahrain MPs Vote to Ban Pork in Kingdom

    22 May 2013

    BAHRAIN – Lawmakers in Bahrain have approved a change in legislation that would criminalise the sale, import, export, production and possession of all pork products, it was reported.

    Arabian Business.com reports that Gulf Daily News said that MPs in the Gulf state on Tuesday (21 May) voted in favour of an outright pork ban, which would stipulate jail terms of up to two month and/or fines of up to BD300 ($800) for those caught with such products. Repeat offenders would be handed stiffer penalties.

    It is now up to Bahrain’s Shoura Council to approve the ban, although Gulf Daily News reported that this is unlikely to happen until after its summer recess.

    The proposal, based on Islamic sensibilities which prohibit consumption of pork, would exclude uses of the meat for medical purposes.

    The criminalisation of pork, whose distribution in the country is already highly controlled, was part of a raft of new measures containing Islamist overtones passed by lawmakers this week. Other changes included tougher penalties for gambling, public drunkenness and sodomy.

    Bahrain has traditionally been viewed as more liberal than many of its Gulf neighbours toward some practices considered forbidden in Islam. Alcohol is freely available in a number of bars around the city, while pork products are on sale in specific outlets.

    ThePigSite News Desk



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