Cape Verde iago sparrows want emigration to the Netherlands

Iago sparrows, Passer iagoensis, Santa Maria, Sal Island, Cape Verde, Image Credit: Liz Anderson

Translated from Dutch travel organisation BirdingBreaks; about one of their travels, from the Cape Verde islands to the Netherlands:

The participants had special visitors during this journey. On Raso island 11 Iago Sparrows (Cape Verde Sparrows) boarded the ship, and did not want to leave it. Later, some birds disembarked in Madeira. But at present there are still three birds on board and en route to the Netherlands! Expected arrival: May 19 in Flushing!

UPDATE: meanwhile, on 20 May 2013, the shio with the birds has arrived in the Netherlands.

My latest paper: Homosexual mounting of iago sparrows after ship-assisted arrival in the Netherlands: here.

11 thoughts on “Cape Verde iago sparrows want emigration to the Netherlands

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