10 thoughts on “Fukushima nuclear disaster measured

  1. Regulator to suspend Monju N-reactor’s restart work

    Jiji Press — May 15

    The Nuclear Regulation Authority decided Wednesday to order the operator of the Monju fast-breeder nuclear reactor to suspend preparations for resuming operations at the facility in Fukui Prefecture, central Japan.

    The NRA concluded that Monju operator Japan Atomic Energy Agency lacks the systems necessary to secure the safety of the facility.

    • Nuclear watchdog halts reactor tests

      Wednesday 15 May 2013

      by Our Foreign Desk

      Japan’s nuclear watchdog said today that the nation’s next-generation test reactor will not be allowed to restart due to safety violations.

      The Nuclear Regulation Authority’s decision is the latest blow to the Monju reactor and Japan’s nuclear fuel cycle programme, which is supported by the government but viewed with deep suspicion by most of Japan’s population.

      Monju uses plutonium fuel instead of conventional uranium and produces radioactive substances which are designed to be reused as fuel.

      After nearly 50 years in the works, the problem-plagued reactor, located in the city of Tsuruga in western Japan, is still struggling to get online.

      The watchdog’s five commissioners unanimously agreed that the reactor’s operator, the Japan Atomic Energy Agency, “is not ready to sufficiently secure the safety of Monju.”

      They said that the operator had repeatedly failed to conduct mandatory inspections on equipment and come up with improvement plans.

      Many experts have said Monju is a basket case and that Japan should abandon plans to achieve a full nuclear fuel cycle.

      The operator needs at least until January to catch up with the delays in safety checks but it is unknown when the suspension order can be lifted.

      Watchdog chairman Shunichi Tanaka said Monju operators “repeated the same mistakes even though they said they were analysing the root cause of the problem.

      “I think they lack fundamental understanding about safety.”


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