Anne Frank censorship attempt fails

This video says about itself:

A German-Jewish teen hides with her family and others in the attic of an Amsterdam office building during the Holocaust.

From the New York Daily News in the USA:

May 13, 2013 11:24 AM

School officials in Northville, Mich., refuse to ban unedited version of Anne Frank’s diary

BY Taylor Malmsheimer

Anne Frank's diary

Last month, a mother in Northville, Mich., filed a formal complaint against her daughter’s school district, stating that the unedited version of “The Diary of a Young Girl: Anne Frank” contained “pornographic” passages that were inappropriate for her seventh grade daughter and her classmates.

The Northville Patch reports that following a deliberation by a review committee, Northville Public School officials have decided not to remove the definitive edition of Anne Frank’s diary from its middle school’s reading options.

Assistant superintendent for instructional services Robert Behnke wrote a letter to the community regarding the school’s decision, stating that the committee worried that removing the book would constitute as censorship.

“The committee felt strongly that a decision to remove the use of ‘Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl — The Definitive Edition’ as a choice within this larger unit of study would effectively impose situational censorship by eliminating the opportunity for the deeper study afforded by this edition,” Behnke wrote.

The committee, which consisted of elementary, middle school and district administrators as well as two middle school English teachers and two parents in the district, also suggested the district should better communicate information about the units of study in middle school literature classes, Behnke said. It suggested that when possible, middle school English classes should provide parents with booklists that can be reviewed by parents before students make a selection.

The school’s decision is a welcome hiatus from a recent troubling trend, in which parents and teachers request that various books be banned from school libraries and reading lists in communities across the country.

16 thoughts on “Anne Frank censorship attempt fails

  1. The real ‘pornography’ is what happened to Anne Frank and millions of other people at the time. Not the discovery of her clitoris. By this woman harping on about a girl discovering herself it takes away from the horror and evil of the Nazi regime and their final solution.


    • I think that in some, not in all, attempts to ban Anne Frank’s diary, in the USA and elsewhere, anti-Semitism played a role.

      Neo-nazi propaganda claims that Anne Frank supposedly never lived, and that her diary was a post-May 1945 forgery. For instance, Roeland Raes, Belgian senator of the racist Vlaams Blok (today: Vlaams Belang) party claimed that in a Dutch television interview.


  2. The Northville Public Schools should be ashamed for allowing such demeaning filth as Anne Frank’s diary into their schools. What if the kids were to find out what the book was talking about? When I was going to school, they tried to ban The American Heritage Dictionary for it’s unbounded pornography. (Apparently they forgot about the Bible and the Song of Solomon with its graphic descriptions of the love and fondling the virgin Mother Church’s two breasts like young roes (bouncing?) with hair like a flock of goats and putting his hand by the hole of the door so her bowels were moved. He was to blow her garden until the spices flowed out. The joints of the Church’s thighs are like jewels, her navel is as round as a goblet, her belly is like a heap of wheat, her breasts are like clusters of grapes, and her nose smells like apples. He is like the Church’s brother who sucked at the Church’s mother’s breast (this is beginning to sound like incest). Of course, there are some who read this as an allegory for God’s love of Israel or Christ’s love for the Mother Church or the soul, because the descriptions are so apt and both God and Jesus had sexual yearnings for Israel, the Church, and the soul.) Discuss this among yourselves.

    In reality these kids should be reading more age appropriate books like the Story of O, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, or The Decameron, and not vile pornography like the diary. That being said, I’m not sure these children are ready yet for PG movies.


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