British police threaten litle girl for drawing

This video says about itself:

How to play hopscotch rules video. See how to play the game of hopscotch including some variations.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Hopscotch girl told she could be nicked

Police started investigating a complaint today that a 10-year-old girl was told that drawing a hopscotch grid on the pavement outside her Ramsgate home was criminal damage.

The girl’s father Bob Allen contacted the police after the incident which he said left his daughter Lilly-May frightened.

“The policeman said … she could be arrested.

“He then drove off.”

5 thoughts on “British police threaten litle girl for drawing

  1. Oh yes, British police like to target the real threats to society!!! Incredible but not surprising behaviour of our police force who seem to make a big fuss and take delight in this sort of “easy” policing. This behaviour helps to alienate them from having more public support, the easier option always seems to be the target for the police, but this really takes the biscuit. I thought only educated people joined the police force nowadays – it seems that it is still a haven for bullies though!
    Cheers Kitty, regards James 🙂


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