International poetry festival in Argentina

This poetry and music video from Argentina is called Kuraiem Blues “Ay Madre” Live; The International Poetry Festival of Rosario.

From Prensa Latina news agency:

Buenos Aires, May 4. With the participation of 32 poets from 15 countries and a novel program, the 8th Buenos Aires International Festival of Poetry opens today until May 15th.

Graciela Araoz, director of the event, which takes place at the same time of Buenos Aires Book Fair, said in the opening speech that several people joined efforts to have that great idea come true and work for “the poetry to remain standing”.

The opening ceremony paid tribute to Cuban national hero Jose Marti on the 160th anniversary of his birth and dedicated a program to Dutch poet Cees Nooteboom, a special guest to the Book Fair, who read passages of his poetic work.

Every year, said Araoz, the Festival grows, despite the world seems to disintegrate, the economy worsens and the people claim for peace, jobs and protest injustice.

“Poetry is not indifferent to reality, as it has never been”, she said, and also announced that during the event the works will mirror the world where we live.

She also said that for the first time in the Festival, this year it will be attended by poets from Panama, India, Palestine, Switzerland, Denmark and Holland, including Dutch poet Nooteboom, Spanish Juan Carlos Mestre, Cuban Jesus Curbelo and Palestinian Zakaria Mohammed.

The event has become a real international meeting to honor poetry and share the passion for words, bringing readers closer to the most outstanding world poets, said Araoz.

7 thoughts on “International poetry festival in Argentina

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  2. Beautiful song. Petral, I look at your blogs every day and appreciate all of the information you provide. I may not always like or comment, because you provide so much interesting information. Just wanted to let you know it is appreciated and helpful.


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  4. Jorge Luis Borges Birthday

    Apologies for writing in English

    Matt Jaffe’s 3 song Trilogy inspired by the writings of Jorge Luis Borges (114th Birthday on Aug 24 2013)

    1. Girl From Buenos Aires

    inspired by ‘The Shape of the Sword’

    2. Libertad

    inspired by his writings

    3. Till The End of Time

    inspired by ‘The Immortal’



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