Curaçao anti-colonial, anti-corruption politician murdered

This is a TV video interview, in which now murdered Curaçao politician Helmin Wiels speaks, in Dutch, about United States manoeuvres against Venezuela, linked to Big Oil interests.

On Curaçao island, the leader of the biggest political party, Helmin Wiels, has been murdered today.

The murder was on Marie Pompoen beach, near Wiels’ home, by a group of three people who fled after their crime. Police do not know yet who these perpetrators were, and why they did it.

Helmin Wiels was an opponent of corruption.

Helmin Wiels was an opponent of Dutch neo-colonialism in Curaçao. The Dutch xenophobic PVV party of Geert Wilders hated him, and boycotted negotiations between Dutch and Curaçao parliamentary delegations if Wiels was present. Recently, Wilders’ party joined hands with French neo-fascist Marine Le Pen, and with the racist Vlaams Belang in Belgium.

Helmin Wiels was an admirer of president Hugo Chavez of neighbouring country Venezuela, who died recently. Many political establishment people in, eg, the Netherlands and the USA did not like that.

So, there are various potential motives for this murder.

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