Scotland against bedroom tax

This music video from Scotland is called Bedroom Tax Song: You Cannae Have A Spare Room in a Pokey Cooncil Flat.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Scotland unites to fight Con-Dem bedroom tax

Sunday 28 April 2013

Former Scottish Socialist MSP Tommy Sheridan was elected chair of the new All-Scotland Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation on Saturday.

The federation was formed at a meeting of local groups in Glasgow.

One of the newly elected vice-chairs, Fiona Jordan, told the Star: “It was a really good day – not just all fire and brimstone speeches, but real awareness that people need to be given hope and support.”

Luke Ivory of the Parkhead anti bedroom tax campaign in the east of Glasgow was elected secretary of the new Scotland-wide group.

Around 250 people attended the founding conference.

Speakers included SNP MSP Sandra White and former Scottish Co-operative Party chairwoman Mary Lockhart.

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