Spanish bullfighting, paid by taxpayers?

This video says about itself:

Mar 12, 2010

Bullfighting is a tradition in Spain — but in Madrid on Friday, animal rights activists called for the abolition of bullfighting in the country. Jon Decker reports.

From the Animal Blog in Britain:

Bullfight Opinion Poll: As Spain Debates ‘Support for Bullfighting’ Bill, Most Spaniards Oppose Use Of Public Funds For Cruel, Waning Bloodsport

Posted on April 24, 2013

As the Spanish Parliament debates a proposed new law to declare bullfighting a cultural heritage, an Ipsos MORI public opinion poll commissioned by Humane Society International reveals that the majority of Spaniards do not approve of public funds being used for the bloodsport and that three quarters of the population haven’t attended a bullfight in the last five years. Only 29 percent of Spanish people support bullfighting, according to poll results.

A legislative proposal supported by bullfighting enthusiasts to protect and promote bullfighting nationwide is being debated by the Culture Committee before being voted on by the Senate and then the Congress.

This proposal to make taxpayers pay for bullfighting is supported by the Partido Popular, the Rightist government party. The party which preaches austerity … and practices it for poor people in Spain, until they commit suicide because of homelessness. But no austerity for the bankers, for the royal family or for oppressing people or for wars, or for our own corrupt ministers, the Partido Popular says.

As the Animal Blog article points out, most people in Spain don’t want taxes to pay for bullfighting. Like most people in Spain want to stop the government’s eviction policies which make people homeless. Like most people in Spain are critical of the scandal infested royal family. The Partido Popular acts against the majority of the people in these cases. Now they want to act against the majority of the people in the case of bullfighting. They need much stronger opposition.

That the Partido Popular wants taxpayers to pay for bullfighting is not that surprising. The Partido Popular are the political heirs of dictator Francisco Franco. Franco, responsible for torturing and killing millions of people. Franco, who himself killed many thousands of partridges and deer. Franco, who supported bullfighting.

If passed, public money could be used to fund and promote this bloody spectacle in which bulls are tormented and stabbed repeatedly until death in a bullfighting ring.

“Bullfighting is a cruel and outdated spectacle that has no place in modern Spain,” said Kitty Block, vice president of Humane Society International. “Clearly, the poll shows the vast majority of Spanish people don’t support cruelty to bulls and don’t want to see public funds poured into this appalling bloodsport. Humane Society International urges Spain’s politicians to reject the proposed law, which is a cynical attempt to procure taxpayers’ money to breathe life back into a dying industry. Let’s celebrate Spain’s artistic, cultural and architectural heritage without cruelty and relegate to the history books the torturing of bulls for entertainment.”

Figures released recently by the Culture Ministry show that bullfight attendance is at an all-time low. From 2007 – 2011 bullfights in Spain declined from 3,650 a year to just 2,290 with only a fraction (590) involving top-ranking matadors against adult bulls. Figures are likely to have dropped even further during 2012 following the recession and the introduction of an outright ban on bullfighting in neighbouring Catalonia.

Catalonia now is not just “neighbouring”, but a part of Spain; though there is a pro-independence movement.


Seventy-six percent oppose use of public funds to support the bullfighting industry
Only 29 percent of the population support bullfighting (just 13 percent support it “strongly”)
Seventy-five percent of respondents said they hadn’t attended a bullfight in the last five years
Seven percent of respondents said they attended a bullfight “about once a year,” compared with 20 percent who said they visited a museum/art exhibition; 19 percent who made theatre visits; and 12 percent who attended football matches
Sixty-seven percent agree that children under 16 should not be allowed to attend bullfights.

Bullfighting is already banned in many countries including Argentina, Canada, Cuba, Denmark, Italy and the United Kingdom. However, events still take place in Spain, France, Portugal, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador and Mexico. Some Spanish cities, such as Calonge, Tossa de Mar, Vilamacolum and La Vajol, as well as the region of Catalonia, have outlawed bullfighting.

Every year, many thousands of bulls suffer a slow and agonising death in Spanish bullfights. Bulls are routinely subjected to prolonged pain. First the picadors (men on horseback) pierce the bull’s neck with a barbed lance. Then a matador repeatedly stabs the animal with banderillas (spears) before a sword is driven between the bull’s shoulders. In most cases, this injures the bull’s lungs and bronchial tubes, causing blood to flow and bubble through the animal’s mouth and nose before death finally comes.

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