7 thoughts on “Dubai prince in horse doping scandal

  1. Horses have been illegally assisted to race better than their natural ability for a century and only now as technology and timing gets its act together can we determine the extent of tracing detectable forbidden substances being used. In the 60’s we had a conveniently Ireland based based USA backed operation that won classics galore and the gullibles believed it was the maestro who got thwe best out of US bred horses.

    It has always been a cat and mouse game betwen doper and testers in the same way corporate tax evasion and tax legislation. As one door or window closes a better onr opens. Now they re using male hormones et al on fillies and mares that are not as yet detectable.

    Where theres real money theres cheating…thats the capitalist ethic where it is OK unless you get caught. Even here I would suggest that some yards are not tested and or are told in advance if the boys are coming in.

    The racing public are so gullible…..


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