Saving South African albatrosses

This video from Australia says about itself:

A rare visit to Albatross Island in NW Tasmania, breeding ground for the Shy Albatross.

From BBC Radio 4 in Britain:

Bronwyn Maree

Bronwyn Maree has been described as a ‘marine warrior’ and there is no doubt that her battle to save the albatross has required a tough constitution and a passion for her work. Five years ago, she joined the Albatross Task Force – a global team set up by the RSPB and BirdLife International to prevent the albatross from becoming extinct. Since 2008, Bronwyn has worked mainly on South African deep-sea trawlers and has combated terrible seasickness to spend weeks out at sea with initially dubious all male crews as she worked to persuade them to change their fishing methods to save endangered seabirds. Her success has led to a decline of 80% in albatross deaths and this year, she was nominated for the prestigious Future For Nature Young Conservationist Award. Bronwyn talks to Jenni Murray about her work.

Save the Albatross

Amazing Albatross

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