Pope Francis I ‘failed to protect Jesuit priests’

This video says about itself:

The Payment of Teresa Videla

This film is a composite portrayal of the fate of political prisoners in Argentina in the 1970s, but could easily apply to other countries in South and Central America that were offered training in torture by the American government is the supposed task of containing socialism. Drawn from interviews published in the press in the USA and Europe as well as with citizens of various countries where such torture took place. The narration is fictional presenting a complaint that should have been made by individual officers to stop the practice as it denigrated the honor of these countries forever.

From daily The Morning Star In Britain:

Pope ‘failed to protect’ Jesuit priests, court told

Friday 19 April 2013

Graciela Yorio has accused Pope Francis of failing to protect her brother from Argentina’s military dictatorship.

She told a court the pope abandoned Jesuit priests Orlando Virgilio Yorio and Francisco Jalics to be tortured by the junta in 1976.

The pontiff has claimed he did everything in his limited power to appeal to the dictatorship to stop seizing the slum priests who were fighting for the poor.

But Ms Yorio said even before the March 1976 coup that overthrew Isabel Peron, the then Jorge Mario Bergoglio refused to help the pair when they were accused of being “subversive and extremists.”

They were later seized and taken to the notorious Navy Mechanics School where they were tortured, turning up five months later drugged and blindfolded in a field.

Mr Bergoglio told his official biographer and the court that they were released thanks to his persistent back-room pressure.

But Ms Yorio said she was never told anything.

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