Texas fertilizer fire lethal disaster

This 18 April 2013 video from the USA is called Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion Caught on Video.

Shortly after the criminal bomb outrage in Boston, still many more tragic dead and injured people in the USA.

Explosions rocked a fertilizer plant in West, Texas, Wednesday evening as firefighters were battling a fire, causing multiple injuries, authorities said.

More about West in Texas is here.

The disaster still continues. From the New Civil Rights Movement site in the USA:

There are reports of dozens possibly dead and hundreds injured but it’s impossible at this moment to know any actual numbers of victims.

From Mother Jones in the USA:

Hundreds are injured and many feared dead in the small central Texas town. …

Complicating matters is the location: A volunteer fire department serves the town of 2,700, and casualties are being transported to the nearest hospital in Waco—20 miles away. …

The clearest footage we have of the blast itself comes from a man who appears to have been watching the fire from his car with his young daughter. The explosion comes about 30 seconds in (warning: not for the faint of heart):

First of all, I wish recovery and strength for the survivors, for the families and friends of the injured and dead of this horrible fire.

We still don’t know the total figures of dead and injured people, of damage to houses, to the environment, etc.

We still don’t know the exact cause of this horror.

Yet, one may ask: how was safety at this plant with its inflammable fertilizer?

How is health care organized in that area, with injured people having to travel for twenty miles?

And: how wise was Texas governor Rick Perry when he made cuts in fire fighting services?

8 thoughts on “Texas fertilizer fire lethal disaster

  1. D told me about it this morning. I’m especially concerned about the residents and staff of the nursing home, but all affected are in my thoughts.


  2. Residents allowed home after blast

    US: The first group of residents in West, Texas, who fled when a fertiliser plant exploded in a deadly fireball were allowed to go home on Saturday to find out what remained.

    City Council member Steve Vanek said a group of residents in a small area had been let back in, but he gave no indication when all evacuated residents could return.

    Those being let back in were subject to an evening curfew and were warned to stay in their homes.

    Small tanks were still leaking and had triggered small fires in one part of the town.



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  4. How did the US government respond to this kind of natural disaster? A twenty mile transportation isn’t a joke where you are having a situation that could lead to a serious problem. There should be some kind of a way like a medical mission or a center built in nearby areas.

    Sky High
    911 Restoration Cleveland


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