19 thoughts on “No British miners’ tears for Thatcher

  1. Thatcher welcomed warlords to No 10

    Saturday 20 April 2013

    Ronnie Kasrils is right to point out Margaret Thatcher’s support for the Taliban in the past (M Star April 16). It’s a part of her record that should be fully explored in any honest assessment of her legacy.

    In 1986 Thatcher welcomed Afghan warlord Abdul Haq to this country, a man who had ordered a bomb to be planted at Kabul airport, which killed about 30 people.

    She also invited Gulbuddin Hekmatyar to London, one of the most cruel warlords, a man known to have thrown acid in women’s faces and trafficked in opium. And she called him a freedom fighter.

    It seems very unlikely that this will be mentioned in the Daily Mail, BBC and others.

    The fact that it hasn’t already been shouted from the rooftops is testament to the poverty of our mainstream commercial media.

    B O’Brien

    London N21



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  19. RAIL union leader Tosh McDonald admitted today that he loathed Margaret Thatcher so much that he set his alarm clock early so he could “hate her for an hour longer” each day.

    The president of train drivers’ union Aslef told the Labour Party conference he stopped the practice after the former prime minister’s death in 2013 but still wakes early.

    Delegates booed at the mention of Ms Thatcher, who Mr McDonald said came to power a month before he started work on the railway in 1979.

    He said: “I hated her. I wish I could be like Jeremy and rise above it, but I can’t.

    “I did set my alarm clock an hour earlier than I needed just so I could hate her for an hour longer.”



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