Less female genital mutilation in Somalia

This video says about itself:

March 7, 2013

UNICEF correspondent Susannah Price reports on a campaign to end female genital mutilation/cutting in Somalia.

From Sabahi:

Somalia: Northern Somalia Sees Drop in Female Genital Mutilation

17 April 2013

Incidents of female genital mutilation (FGM) appear to be declining in the Somaliland and Puntland regions of Somalia, according to a report released Tuesday (April 16th) by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Three-fourths of girls aged 10 to 14 in the Puntland and Somaliland regions have not been circumcised, whereas more than 98% of women aged 15 and above have, the survey found.

UNICEF and its regional partners surveyed more than 9,000 families in Puntland and Somaliland in the 2011 global Multiple-Indicator Cluster Survey. This is the first time the survey included questions on daughters’ ages and whether they were circumcised.

The survey did not include southern Somalia, where the federal government is fighting al-Shabaab. Both the Somali federal government and al-Shabaab have banned FGM.

UNICEF Chief of Child Protection in Somalia Sheema Sen Gupta called the findings a promising indicator for long term reductions in the practice, which the UN General Assembly banned in December.

“FGM is practiced just around puberty,” Gupta said. “It usually spikes in the [aged] 10 to 14 group and to see that it was at 25%, that was fantastic.”

With possibly around 170,000 women and girls affected, a greater urgency in dealing with female genital mutilation is required, writes HILARY BURRAGE: here.

12 thoughts on “Less female genital mutilation in Somalia

  1. Charity calls for action on genital mutilation

    Tuesday 23 July 2013

    An estimated 30 million girls across the world are at risk of undergoing genital mutilation within the next decade, Unicef warned today.

    The UN body said that more than 125 million women and girls had undergone female circumcision or genital cutting – collectively known as FGM/C – in the most comprehensive survey ever performed about the issue.

    Of the 29 countries where incidents of FGM/C are concentrated, 24 have laws against it.

    The practice has been interntionally considered a rights violation since 1993.

    In Somalia, where FGM/C is illegal, as many as 98 per cent of women between 15 and 49 have undergone the horrific procedure.

    In 19 of the countries most women believe that the practice should end, though in some cultures it is seen as a rite of passage.

    But Unicef said that thanks to greater public awareness campaigns FGM/C is on the decline worldwide.



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