Great blue heron nest update

This 6 April 2012 video from the USA says about itself:

Egg #5 for the Sapsucker Woods Great Blue Herons

Cornell Lab Great Blue Herons Nest

The female lays her 5th egg at roughly 2:20 am on April 6, 2012. First sight of egg #5 appears at roughly 0:44.

And this video says:

On Tuesday April 16th at about 16:43, the female heron laid her second egg of the 2013 season. The first two minutes of this video show her restless, getting up and down, with the male standing by her side. As soon as he takes off, the second egg arrives. When he comes back a moment later with a branch for the nest, vocalizations are heard and he walks over to investigate the new egg.

Watch all the heron activity live at

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA writes about this today:

Days of courting and mating by the herons have produced two pale blue eggs, now nestled in among the sticks of the nest. On average, herons lay 2-6 eggs before completing their clutch, laying each egg 2-3 days after the last; this means if you’re hoping to catch it live, be sure to tune in on Thursday to see what happens!

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