First Scottish osprey egg this year

This video from Scotland says about itself:

July 1, 2011

Pic Katielee Arrowsmith/Deadline News

Three Osprey chicks are ringed to allow their progress to be tracked over their lifetime and migration.

The Tweed Valley Osprey Project is a partnership of Forestry Commission Scotland and Kailzie Gardens, part-funded by the RSPB.

Pictured are 3-4 week old chicks which were brought down from their nest, tagged and put back safely by Tony Lightley, Conservation Manager and licensed ringer of the FCS.

From Wildlife Extra:

First Scottish osprey egg of the season

Tweed Valley osprey egg first in Scotland

April 2013. The Borders’ ospreys have heralded that spring is on the way – because there is now an egg in their nest.

First in Scotland?

Everyone involved in the Tweed Valley Osprey Project is excited about the early breeding success, as the birds only arrived back from their winter sojourn on 3 April – and the team believe it is the first osprey egg to have been laid in Scotland.

Osprey information officer Diane Bennett said: “It’s been another year of pretty bad weather for them but it seems that the ospreys are getting used to dealing with the cold and snow when they first return.

“This is the tenth season where they’ve come back to a sturdy nest, thanks to the work of Forestry Commission Scotland’s conservation rangers, and with this first egg, things are looking promising.

“One of our new volunteers spotted the egg on 12th April, and as you’d expect, the mother osprey has been fussing over it and has made sure that she’s found the best position for incubation. Hopefully there will be more eggs to come – but for now it’s all good news!”

Ospreys have been nesting in the Tweed Valley for more than 15 years. The Tweed Valley Ospreys Project, a partnership between the Commission, Kailzie Gardens and RSPB Scotland, has helped safeguard the birds and allowed the public to enjoy them through two viewing centres.

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