Saving pronghorn from traffic

The Wildlife Conservation Society in the USA writes about this video:

Safe Passage for Pronghorn

The Path of the Pronghorn is the country’s only federally designated migration corridor, but until last fall, animals risked vehicular collisions as they navigated the 93-mile-long passage to and from Wyoming‘s Grand Teton National Park. With the guidance of WCS and partner organizations, highway overpasses were created at key points along the route. A new video documents this innovative solution to providing safe passage for pronghorn, mule deer, moose, elk, and motorists alike.

The pronghorn is one of the often overlooked mammals on the North American continent. Usually mislabeled as antelope, this species of grazer is actually more closely related to goats and vast herds once roamed throughout the plains: here.

17 thoughts on “Saving pronghorn from traffic

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