Russian tiger crosses Chinese border

This video says about itself:

Before human beings had weapons, as David Attenborough describes in The Life of Mammals, the Siberian tiger was the most powerful killer on Earth. Amazing footage of this beast in action from the BBC.

From Wildlife Extra:

Amur tiger crosses from Russia into China

New protected area providing security for cats

April 2013. On March 8 a male tiger crossed the Russia-China border in the area of the “Sredneussuriisky” Wildlife Refuge, which was created in the Russian region of Primorye in 2012 as an ecological corridor to China

Large male following a herd of wild boar

A large male tiger with paw prints 11 cm wide was tracked by wildlife specialists of the Hunting Management Department and border guards. The tiger followed a herd of wild boar which was travelling into the nearly untouched broadleaf forests on the right bank of the Ussuri River (or Wusuli, in Chinese). Slowly moving to the south, the tiger arrived at the bank of the Ussuri River and crossed over from Russia to China.

Important refuge

This once again confirms the significance for the protection of the Amur tiger of the newly established wildlife refuge, created in Primorye in October 2012. WWF Russia has been taking an active part in organization of this protected area since 2009.

Russian tigers killed by Canine Distemper virus: here.

Fast Fact Attack: Endangered Species No. 83 โ€“ The Malayan Tiger: here.

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