Mass dolphin rescue in Brazil

Associated Press says about the subject of this video:

A dramatic video showing 30 beached dolphins being rescued by beachgoers in Brazil has become an internet sensation. (March 8).

From Associated Press:

The video shows dolphins appearing out of nowhere and suddenly beaching en masse on the Rio de Janeiro state coastline. They were apparently caught in a strong ocean current.

Stunned beachgoers in swimming trunks at first look on as the dolphins’ high-pitched squeals are heard. But within seconds, people quickly race into the surf to help the dolphins.

Dozens of people are seen swimming into the ocean and dragging the mammals by their tails in an effort to them back into deeper waters.

And the effort this past Monday was apparently successful. After all the dolphins were rescued, the crowd of dolphin-savers and onlookers broke into cheers.

From RYOT News:

Imagine that you’re at the beach and stoked to see a pod of dolphins swimming off shore. Then imagine they all washed up on the beach right in front of you! That’s what happened to beach goers in Brazil. The great thing is that instead of freaking out and letting the animals die, everyone came together to help the dolphins back into the water. This video will boost your faith in humanity.

From New Scientist:

What can experts learn from the footage? The species involved, for one. These are common dolphins (Delphinus delphis), which typically live a long way off shore, says Mark Simmonds of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, a global charity.

However the video does not reveal what caused the stranding – fishing boats or sonar are two possibilities.

Had experts rescued the dolphins, says Simmonds, they may have examined the individuals for damage, such as net marks, that may have provided clues. But he says the dolphins in the video appear to be healthy.

3 thoughts on “Mass dolphin rescue in Brazil

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