24 thoughts on “Lady Thatcher’s expensive militarist funeral

  1. Ex-miners will not mourn Margaret Thatcher

    Wednesday 10 April 2013

    Scotland’s ex-miners will not mourn Margaret Thatcher, coal industry veteran John Kane said today.

    Mr Kane was a miner for 37 years before being made redundant in 1989 when Bilston Glen pit in Midlothian closed.

    Former PM Thatcher was responsible for tearing apart Britain’s coalmining industry and ruining the communities that had grown up around it.

    “I’m not the type of person that says anything against the dead but I don’t give two hoots about Thatcher,” said Mr Kane, who now works as a guide at Scotland’s National Mining Museum.

    “If you went into a miners’ club just now, the main cry would be ‘the witch is dead.’

    “Nobody has forgotten.”



  2. Scottish MPs stay away from Commons tribute

    Wednesday 10 April 2013

    Scotland’s backbenchers boycotted tributes to Margaret Thatcher in the Commons today.

    The opposition benches remained half full as Prime Minister David Cameron led a series of cloying speeches.

    But almost all Labour’s Scottish MPs boycotted the session, which specifically called for MPs’ tributes to Thatcher rather than a debate on her legacy.

    Midlothian MP David Hamilton was “not bitter” but said there was nothing to celebrate about Thatcher’s life.

    The ex-miner’s epitaph was unsurprisingly blunt: “Thank God we’re not going to see her like again.”

    Several MPs reacted to the news with carefully crafted anodyne tweets.

    Dumfries and Galloway MP Russell Brown described her as “a hugely influential figure in politics.”

    Paisley and Renfrewshire South MP Douglas Alexander, who burnished his anti-Thatcher credentials in a speech at Edinburgh University last month, followed suit by saying she was “a politician who had a major impact on her times.”



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  13. MUSIC: Cinematic composer Michael Nyman has created a new symphony that names all 96 victims of the Hillsborough disaster in memory of the tragedy.

    The work, dubbed Symphony No. 11: Hillsborough Memorial, will be performed in Liverpool’s Church of England cathedral by the city’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

    Local singers will sing the names when it is performed at the start of Liverpool Biennial 2014, which opens on July 5.



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