Most Influential Blogs of 2012, thanks “R” HubBlog!

Most Influential Blogs of 2012 award

Dear Kitty. Some blog has been nominated as one of the Most Influential Blogs of 2012 by the “R” HubBlog administrator.

Thank you for this kind gesture!

This nomination has no rules, so I will just nominate some of the blogs that have had some influence on me, and ask them to consider passing on the nomination likewise.

Some of these blogs, strictly speaking, maybe have not been most influential yet in 2012, and maybe are not yet so even now; but they may be so in the future 🙂

My nominees are:

1. bloggerheadseaturtle

2. birminghamclarionsingers

3. tolerantpeople

4. Political Tunes

5. Politics and Music

6. browneyedspin

7. Periscope

8. Left Luggage

9. misebogland Corruption, Ireland, Banks, Politics, health, welfare, oil & gas

10. Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures’ Blog

11. Radio Florida

12. Black Women Unchecked

13. Brummed Out

14. Ivor Timson

15. Clarion

16. International Rhino Foundation Blog

17. sjkayani

18. Queens Girl

19. Susan’s Bucket List

20. sankar – my (typo3) blog

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