International conservation award winners announced

This video says about herself:

In 2012 a team of young conservationists from Kenya were awarded a CLP Future Conservationist Award to carry out scientific research on blue and black marlins and raise awareness of their plight. Team leader, Nelly Kadagi, recently attended the CLP’s international training course and tells about her experience in the Canadian Rockies.

From BirdLife:

2013 Conservation Leadership Programme awards winners announced!

Wed, Apr 10, 2013

The Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) has announced this year’s 28 award-winning projects in 22 different countries, worth a total of $470,000.

“For many awardees, this is the first time that they have received funding to manage their own conservation projects so it’s a great boost in their careers. This year, for the first time, we’ll be supporting people in Afghanistan, Bhutan, Cape Verde, Moldova and Samoa to carry out their work,” said Kiragu Mwangi, BirdLife’s CLP Programme Manager.

This year’s projects are extremely diverse from Food Resource Evaluation in Chinese Snow Leopards to Saving the Endangered Giant West African Squeaker Frog in Ghana. One of the bird projects focuses on the little-known Tooth-billed Pigeon from Samoa, also known as the ‘little dodo’ due to its resemblance to its famous namesake.

However, one thing is the same for all projects. The chance to get access to conservation expertise and receive training.

All award-winning team members will become part of the CLP alumni network that supports approximately 3,500 conservation leaders. The network offers an opportunity for alumni to share and learn from each other as they deliver conservation outcomes in often challenging and isolated environments.

“Through this programme, we are building the capabilities of future conservation leaders and providing them with knowledge, skills and experience to address the most pressing conservation issues of our time”, said Kiragu.

Alumni members also receive access to additional grants, mentoring from CLP staff and training. A representative from each award-winning team will take part in CLP’s two-week Conservation Leadership & Management Training Workshop in June 2013 at a remote ecological research station in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies.

Eight of the 2013 project teams working on diverse threatened species of birds, plants and sharks will be mentored by BirdLife partners in Argentina, Bolivia, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Nepal, Paraguay and Zimbabwe.

The CLP has supported 530 projects since the programme’s inception in 1985.

The CLP is a partnership of BirdLife International, Conservation International, the Wildlife Conservation Society and Fauna & Flora International.

Full list

Future Conservationist Awards (up to $15,000)

Wildlife Survey in a Proposed Protected Area in Afghanistan
Saving the Endangered Marsupial Frogs in Yungas Forests of Argentina
Involving Anglers As Key Stakeholders in a Shark Conservation Programme, Argentina
Conserving Endangered Frog Species in Somuncura Plateau, Argentina.
Ecological and Distribution Assessment of Hicatee in Southern Belize
Hornbills: Connecting Environment, Economy and Culture in Bhutan
Conserving Quirusillas Reserve: a Key Area for the Alder Amazon, Bolivia
Conservation of the Critically Endangered Bolivian Frog Psychrophrynella illimani
Conservational Ecology of Giant Ibis in Western Siem Pang Iba, Cambodia
Integrative Conservation of the Terras Salgadas, Cape Verde
Migration Corridor and Habitat Survey in Xia’Erxili, China
Food Resource Evaluation for Snow Leopards, China
Participatory Conservation of the Critically Endangered Ecuadorian Brown-Headed Spider Monkey, Ecuador
Saving the Endangered Giant West African Squeaker Frog, Ghana
Monitoring Key Sites for White-Headed Duck in Kazakhstan
Initiating Conservation of New Hog Deer Population, Myanmar
Enhancing Community-Based Vulture Conservation in Western Lowland of Nepal
Ecology and Conservation of Ganges River Dolphin in Karnali Nepal
Reforestation with Native Species in the Dry Lands of Panama
Population Status Assessment and Conservation Measures of Butia marmorii Palm, Paraguay
Monitoring Important Bird Areas in Moldova to Improve Conservation Management
European Ground Squirrel Population from Eastern Romania
The Samoan “Dodo”: Saving the Manumea
Community-Based Conservation of Sea Turtles on Kolombangara, Solomon Islands

Follow-up Awards ($25,000)

Conservation of the Critically Endangered Togo Slippery Frog in Ghana
On-going Protection of Red Siskins in South Rupununi, Guyana
Scaling-up Mitigation of Human-Crane Conflict in Driefontein Grasslands, Zimbabwe

Leadership Awards ($50,000)

Improving the Community-Based Conservation of Lake Kuyucuk Ramsar Site, Turkey

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