12 thoughts on “Mary Barbour, Scottish rent strike organizer

  1. Statue to hero Mary Barbour gets green light

    Friday 17 May 2013

    Campaigners were celebrating today after Glasgow City council gave the go-ahead for a statue to honour “working-class heroine” Mary Barbour.

    Remember Mary Barbour committee head and former left Labour MP Maria Fyfe said: “I’m absolutely delighted. We are putting together a list of bodies, including the lottery, who could potentially assist us with funding.”

    Barbour was one of the main leaders of the Clydeside rent strikes of 1915. The large number of women involved were known as Mary Barbour’s Army.

    She became the city’s first ever woman councillor in 1920 and through her long political life fought for welfare benefits such as free milk for schoolchildren, pensions for mothers, municipal banks, wash houses, laundries and public baths.

    She also pioneered Glasgow’s first family-planning clinic.

    Glasgow Labour councillor Paul McKeever said: “As a councillor, Mary Barbour campaigned successfully for improvements in the lives of her fellow citizens, and spent her life helping others.”



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