International Puppet Festival in India

This video says about itself:

Animated by Gul Ramani with traditional shadow puppets of India. A Gazelle´s Wish is a tale from the ancient Panchatantra. This poetic film tells the story of a Gazelle that gets caught for a prince and is brave enough to speak against her captivity. The original film has a length of 6 minutes.

This video is the original film.

From Prensa Latina news agency:

International Puppet Festival in India

New Delhi, Apr 8. Puppeteers from seven countries are participating starting today at India’s International Puppet Festival, showcasing an art that emerged in that ancient nation about 500 years before Christ.

The event, that was scheduled to run until April 16th, is gathering national puppet companies from Russia, Iran, Portugal, Italy, Spain and Israel, with works that, according to organizers, join traditional and new techniques.

In the last decade, that art has been combined with others as theater, dance and pantomime, redefining its ancient features for the delight of an increasing crowd of admirers that is not restricted simply to children.

The Festival will have its venue in New Delhi, Gurgaon (a satellite city of the capital and Chandigarh, about 235 kilometers north) with a theoretical section to be held on the 11th and 12th.

According to historians, there were already puppeteers in places like Tamil Nadu (south), about five centuries before the common era. The works were generally inspired by subjects of Hindu mythology.

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