10 thoughts on “NATO kills Afghan women and children

  1. Shame on UKBA for denying visas

    Friday 05 April 2013

    You recently ran a piece of mine regarding the UK Border Agency – under Home Office Minister Theresa May – refusing visas to three Afghan women boxers for the second time.

    They had been invited by the Foundation for Women in Sport and the Fawcett Society (M Star March 22).

    The young women had displayed considerable tenacity and courage taking up the sport in Afghanistan’s predominately patriarchal and conservative society and were to compete here with British counterparts on March 8, International Women’s Day.

    Their anticipation of such a milestone, on such a day, marking their achievements against many daunting odds, can only be imagined.

    However they were defeated by the border agency’s mullahs, not Afghanistan’s.

    It was therefore with some bemusement that I read the UKBA has stated that it has no objection to allowing entry to an athlete charged with murder, alleged to have shot and killed his girlfriend (on Valentine’s Day.)

    His bail restrictions on travel were lifted in spite of “strong objections” by prosecutors.

    It seems South Africa’s Oscar Pistorius will compete at the London Anniversary Games at the Olympic Stadium starting in July.

    The courageous female boxers, cited as “our inspiring sisters” by the Foundation for Women in Sport, are it seems persona non grata as far as the UKBA is concerned, but a man facing charges for murder is welcome.

    One could be forgiven for wondering if the seriously unhinged are running the political asylum.

    Felicity Arbuthnot

    London E9



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