Dog, cat meat in Spanish meatballs?

This January 2013 video is about food fraud in the USA.

After the horse meat scandals … translated from ANP news agency in the Netherlands:

Maybe dog meat in Spanish meatballs

04/04/13, 06:20

Spanish corporations may have processed dog and cat meat into animal feed and meatballs. This writes daily De Telegraaf. The Guardia Civil, the Spanish police which is investigating the case, thinks there is also a link to a recently defunct meat wholesaler from Amsterdam.

Last year Olga Costa, owner of a shelter for abandoned dogs, alarmed the Guardia Civil after multiple complaints about a company in the northern town of Pontevedra.

“That company, for a reasonable fee, removed deceased pets from people’s homes,” says Costa. “If the owners of such an animal wanted to say goodbye for the last time, then they were impolitely told No entry.”

A few days after the animals were picked up, they were nowhere to be found. Also owners of missing dogs and cats who wanted to come and see whether their pets were among the carcasses, were told to go away.

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) thinks that today they will ask their Spanish colleagues for clarification.

Has DOG meat been found in our food? New takeaway horror after experts discover ‘mystery meat’ in a lamb curry: here.

22 thoughts on “Dog, cat meat in Spanish meatballs?

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  5. I suppose it is up to the consumers to educate themselves and each other. The food manufacturers and corporations are seemingly only looking at how much money they can save and generate by any means necessary.


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