18 thoughts on “ExxonMobil oil kills Arkansas birds

  1. Dommage que l’homme ne pense qu’à lui, à ses intérêts, à son compte bancaire et pour profiter au maximum de ce que la Nature lui donne, il n’hésite pas à détruire cette belle Nature.


    • Yes, indeed. In this case, it seems the pipeline is over seventy years old, and too little has been done about maintenance; even though ExxonMobil with its billions of profits has money to do that.


  2. while I understand accidents happen, it is the responsiblity of the parties involved to take care of it, in this case the companies who use and own the pipeline. I think that is reasonable don’t you? i was raised if you spill it you clean it up, if you mess it up you clean it up, not hard to figure out.


  3. Makes me sick. Exxon has done much damage to our environment and animals over decades. I use to bathe the mallards in dawn detergent at the wildlife rehab center when they came in from environmental spills.


    • Yes, oil spills and other poluution do terrible things to birds. Mallards are beautiful. Fortunately, the survival rate of birds cleaned from pollution seems to rise now.


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