Crane migration flying, video

This is a video about a big group of cranes, during their spring migration, flying north in V formation.

The video is by kogru from the Netherlands.

Spatio-temporal dynamics of wintering Common Cranes Grus grus in Algeria: a ten year survey. A ten year survey of wintering Common Cranes was carried out in the high plateaus of Algeria (Oran, M’sila, Sétif and Oum El-Bouaghi). The distribution and abundance showed an obvious spatio-temporal variability. The trend in numbers of this species showed a stability in all sites (except in Oum El-Bouaghi where the abundance trend has accused a significant decrease). This should be the result of high human disturbance and, to a lesser extent, to higher winter temperatures particularly at Oum El-Bouaghi. Moreover, the decreasing winter numbers in Algeria coincided with a marked increase in numbers in winter in Europe (Spain and France). Common winter census in North Africa and in Europe are necessary to have a better knowledge of the species’ population trend: here.

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