British anti-nuclear weapons demonstration

This video from Britain says about itself:

Stop Fooling with Nuclear Weapons!

Join us on Monday 1st April 2013 at AWE Aldermaston – Britain’s nuclear bomb factory – where thousands of people will join together to say ‘Time to Scrap Trident: Stop fooling with nuclear weapons!’

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Protesters at Aldermaston

Friday 29 March 2013

Thousands of peace campaigners are to picket Britain’s nuclear manufacturing facility at Aldermaston in Berkshire on Monday – marking 50 years of easter protests at the facility.

Since the 1950s Aldermaston Atomic Research Facility has been targeted by peace campaigners every easter Monday.

Sheffield CND‘s Jonathan Wallis called for campaigners to join the protests on Monday against the Trident nuclear weapons system.

He said cancelling Trident would save well over £100 billion.

More about this is here.

Demonstration report: here.

27 thoughts on “British anti-nuclear weapons demonstration

  1. Good blog.
    If Scotland get independence in a year, England stand alone with no nuclear weapons.
    This tells me WHY I want a YES for Scottish Independence, London put all the weapons up here.
    The sooner my country leave the UK war Machine the better.

    I have English family and friends, the people are not the issue.
    It is the rule. We are the dumping ground and guinea pig for Westminster.
    Many say “two of the last three PM’s were Scottish” I reply with, “Yeah Robert the Bruce and the Campbell’s are Scottish also” They stabbed us in the back.
    Means nothing. 🙂

    Well done highlighting this.


    • Hi Shaun,

      Scottish independence will indeed be good for nuclear disarmament and peace, IF the Scottish National Party government then will keep their promise to get Trident nuclear weapons out. Traditionally, the SNP also used to say that an independent Scotland would leave NATO. Very unfortunately, they dumped that recently against the wishes of many grassroots supporters. So, I would not trust the SNP government blindly in this.

      If Trident would be kicked out of Scotland, it would be very difficult for a London government to find a new spot for it in England or Wales, so that might be the end of Trident. Good riddance.


      • Yeah,
        I am not a fan of the SNP and I dislike Alex Salmond.
        But many people think “Let him drive the bus to independence” and then we can choose a new leader, once alone.

        As for Trident, NO WAY, Will London allow themselves to be without weapons. I would imagine a deal will be done for them to use them for a year or two while they re-build.
        What do you think?



        • I hope, that IF Scotland becomes independent and Trident will have to go from Scotland, any transition time for Trident will be very short. It would be very difficult for a London government to find a new place for Trident in England or Wales. There would be many local, and national protests. It would be very expensive; so, hard to sell to the electorate at a time when the government is making so many cuts.


          • Cuts!! You seen Sky News this morning? Go look, BRUTAL!! Bastards… I PRAY for Scottish Rule. I have English family and friends. And they will suffer. Our option is David Cameron of Freedom. I know what way I will vote. Whoever has to deal with the weapons better do so fast. As it will be a Yes vote.
            Check what Cameron is trying with the No support.. FOOTBALL!!! Vast areas of Scotland are Catholic/Irish who will vote yes. So he is using this to gain No votes..What a prick eh.. .

            Sorry for my language. But who voted these bastards back into Power. Did Thatcher teach NOBODY anything?

            Rant over. I know many people, disabled, old, etc..Who are suffering and will suffer more due to this Bedroom tax and all these other new lads.




            • Hi Shaun, thanks for your extensive comment!

              The Conservative party did not get a majority at the last election. The only reason they are in government is their coalition with the Liberal Democrats, who broke their election promises about student fees etc., and might now break their anti-Trident election promises.


              • Yeah, I think this has ruined the Lib Dems for EVER..They went back on many things. All they need do is say “No” and we have another election and get these rich, corporate greedy criminals out.
                I could have made my comment a blog, lol.
                I detest what is going on..Who wouldn’t? Apart from the people who funded them into power?



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  3. hi guys got some fresh links from for you
    the oldest woman in britain was there .. Hetty Bower See the trident link for a nice picture of her after a day at the demonstration!

    Anti Trident Demonstration at Aldermaston UK today on the 1 April 2013 – short video clips

    and Press TV were there.. I got a picture of the cameraman taking a picture of every one else on the trident post!..


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