Over 50,000 comments at this blog

Today, the number of comments at Dear Kitty. Some blog passed the 50,000 milestone. It stands at 50,015 now.

This includes comments from before the blog moved to WordPress in December 2011.

Thank you, all commenters!

The most frequent commenters at my blog are:

Clanmother 29
narhvalur 21
oasien 18
imbuteria 14
george-b 14
valeriedavies 14

* Based on the 1000 most recent comments.

22 thoughts on “Over 50,000 comments at this blog

    • Thanks for your kind comment!

      The advantage of a multi-subject blog like this is that, if I for a day am not interested in blogging again on one subject, then I can always blog on another subject 🙂


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