Women’s rights rally in Tunisia

This video says about itself:

First Muslim-Women Nobel Laureate Tawakkul Karman on the Struggle for Women’s Rights.

Dec 15, 2011

TAWAKKUL KARMAN: I came from Yemen, the country of civilization, the Yemen that was led by two women, and it was one of the greatest countries in the world. We were led by a dictatorship regime, a corrupted regime. This regime was founded in killing others, and it’s a regime that its main agenda is spreading violence among tribes so they can fight against each other, a regime that flipped against the democracy that this country was founded upon, which is in 1990. There is a danger—decrease in human rights and also increase in corruption. My country has a lot of poverty, from a lot of diseases, from ignorance. And these are some of the reasons that led us to lead this revolution.

We started our struggle from 2005, and maybe before that, and our struggle was to regain our dignity. And it was under the main headline, which is freedom of speech. We organized a lot of protests, weekly protests, in a place we called the Square of Liberty. It was right in front of the cabinet. And we were calling on the government to allow people to have freedom of speech, and so people can own electronic magazines and online newspapers. We knew and know that the freedom of speech is the door to democracy and justice. And also, part of the freedom of speech is the freedom of movement. And thus we were struggling in that a lot, and part of that struggle was the struggles of our brothers and sisters in the south. And the culture of freedom and protest spread all over. And every time we stand up for our rights, the government will declare more violence against us and against our rights. And there was the first station. The first station was founded in Tunisia, and that gave us the title that we need to follow, which is to overthrow the regime.

From Tunis Afrique Presse (Tunis):

Tunisia: Opening in Tunis of International Rally “Women in Struggle”

26 March 2013

Tunis — Hundreds of women from all over the world have gathered on Tuesday morning at Tunis El Manar campus to protest against all forms of violence and discrimination against women.

The women’s rally whose slogan is “Women in Struggle” is the first great event held as part of the World Social Forum organised in Tunis March 26-30.

Tunisia World Social Forum to blast austerity. Activists say global finance undermines democracy as participants meet to discuss economic and social problems: here.

Financial crisis gendered in its causes & consequences says Sylvia Walby Chair of Gender Research at UNESCO: here.

4 thoughts on “Women’s rights rally in Tunisia

  1. La femme tunisienne a tous les droits que la grande partie des femmes dans le monde rêvent et luttent pour en avoir. La femme tunisienne jouit de tous ses droits comme la femme européenne et elle est à pied égal avec l’homme.


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