Leuven in Belgium, botanical garden again

Friday, 8 March 2013.

My last full day in Leuven, Belgium.

After yesterday, again to the botanical garden, like on the first day.

This video about medieval Low Countries music was recorded in the Leuven botanical garden.

It says about itself:

You are listening to: “De plus souvent” (Anonymous), “Vos, quid admiramini virginem/Gratissima virginis/Gaude gloriosa” by Philippus de Vitry and “Par maintes foys” by Jean Vaillant; 3 pieces of 14th century music recorded on Capilla Flamenca‘ s latest cd EN UN GARDIN. The four seasons of ars nova. …

Thanks to their many qualities, the works on this cd show that at the end of the 14th century, the music of the Low Countries, which historically extended from the north of Holland across the province of Liège to what is now northern France, contains the germ of all the elements that were to form the basis of the 15th century’s remarkable musical flowering.

The numerous foundations in the principal churches and the formation of choir schools enabled composers and performers to make the Low Countries along the North Sea coast into a fertile source of musicians for the whole of Europe.

The path to European polyphony was thrown open, leading ultimately to its supreme manifestation in the works of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Video recorded June 2009.

On 8 March in the botanical garden, I did not hear medieval music, but a dunnock singing.

At one of the two sources, a male blackbird drinking.

In a hothouse Cyathea australis, a tree fern from Australia.

Outside, a Gingko biloba in bonsai size. Less than 50 centimeter, while gingkos can get scores of meters high.

A blue tit sings.

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