14 thoughts on “Evolution biologist Alfred Russel Wallace

  1. Although I was familiar with this story, that did nothing to diminish the power because of the fascinating way you laced it together with the broader implications of culture on science. I thoroughly enjoyed this read.


  2. I noticed the video was compliments of the Discovery Institute. Wallace did eventually embrace an intelligently directed evolution, but only for what he didn’t feel his concept of natural selection was capable of — in other words, a God of the gaps. I’m sure that DI would be happy if everyone assumes that he completely gave up on natural selection and adopted Intelligent Design.


    • Hi, thanks for mentioning this! I had watched only the first, uncontroversial, part of the video when I embedded it; and had not seen the mention of the (creationist) Discovery Institute at the end. I have replaced the video with another one about Wallace.


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