Birds migrate slowly, cold spring

This is a singing chiffchaff video.

Dutch news agency ANP reports that bird migration is slower than usually because of the cold spring.

Few chiffchaffs, and hardly any willow warblers, have as yet migrated from southern Europe to the Netherlands.

Also, many siskins, instead of migrating to northern and eastern Europe, are still in the Netherlands.

17 thoughts on “Birds migrate slowly, cold spring

  1. It is going to be a bad breeding season for many birds especially for the Arctic breeders where the time frame for nesting is very narrow. I would not be surprised if wintering Tundra Swan population would show decline in the UK in next winter. Lets hope weather is improving soon.

    Best, Szimi


    • Thanks for your comment!

      The article is basically only on the Netherlands and only on songbirds. I hope that the weather etc. situation is better elsewhere in Europe and for other kinds of birds.


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  3. Siskins are an Arctic bird that doesn’t care much if it is cold. They depend on seeds from trees mainly and are an often visiting guests at my bird table.


    • Yes, but maybe there are differences between groups or individuals of siskins here. Some winter in Sweden, some in the Netherlands or even further south. Maybe the ones wintering more in the south care more about cold, and maybe then lack of insects for their young?

      “When feeding the young they eat more insects, mainly beetles, as the proteins they contain help the chicks to grow.”

      Some sanderlings also winter in the Netherlands, and some much further south in Africa. The advantage for northern sanderling migrants is that they don’t have to fly that far. However, they are more likely to get food problems because of frost.


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