Poem on space travel and Ireland

This video from Ireland says about itself:

5th of October

The 5th of October was the day the troubles started with a civil rights march being ambushed by RUC and loyalists.

By James Caruth:

James Caruth – 1969

Thursday 21 March 2013

A giant leap,
the fuzzy pictures on the old TV,
Neil Armstrong’s drawl on a line of static,
the earth so small in his black visor

and my father, like a gramophone record
with the needle stuck, saying over and over
again that the world was changed,
how there’d be a new tomorrow wait and see.

That same year, that same TV,
policemen charging into a crowd
sitting on the bridge
in Derry.
Shrill voices breaking across the air-waves.

Just one small step.

James Caruth was born in Belfast and lived there until 1982 before moving to Cape Town, South Africa. He now lives in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. His first collection, A Stone’s Throw, was published by Staple Press in 2007.

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