4 thoughts on “Free app on Irish history

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  2. 1933:

    In Ireland, bishops were exhorting little children to rehearse their latest poetic homily: “Holy Mary, Queen of Ireland/ Make thy children cling to thee/ From all communistic dangers/ Ever keep our country free.”

    Connolly House had been recently opened as the headquarters of the Revolutionary Workers Groups, shortly to become the Communist Party of Ireland. Groups of former army officers organised as the “blueshirts,” Ireland’s fascistic equivalent of similar gangs in Italy, Spain and Germany, were encouraged by press and pontiffs to launch a violent attack on the centre. Charlotte Despard, a famous suffragette and campaigner whose brother had been lord lieutenant of Ireland, had joined the British Communist Party three years before.

    The Worker carried a long poem of hers as an antidote to the bishops’ malevolence. For her, the despised Irish communists were an honoured band of men and women:

    “With a noble creed to spread/ And in kinship close with all of those/ Who toil for their daily bread/ Gathered themselves together./ To bring the people light,/ To make them see, and know, and feel/ Their miserable plight.”


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