Ospreys back in Britain

This is called Osprey video, Pandion haliaetus.

From Wildlife Extra:

Ospreys are back in the UK

Ospreys spotted at Rutland and Glaslyn

March 2013. A sure sign of spring (ignoring the weather) is when ospreys return to the UK after their winter break in the warmer climes of West Africa. The first ospreys have foolishly returned a few days earlier than last year, to be greeted by rain, fog and even snow.


Rutland’s most successful breeding osprey, ever, (03)97, was the first back on Sunday 18th March, ensuring that he had no competition for his usual nest site. He was followed shortly afterwards by (00)09, his daughter, who fledged in 2009 (The clue is in the name). To get the latest updates, go to the Rutland osprey website.

Read more about Rutland Water Nature Reserve.


The Glaslyn ospreys have often been the pace setters, first return, first eggs etc, but this year they were pipped at the post by Rutland. The first bird, and unringed female, arrived back on Monday 19th March.

Read more about the Glaslyn Osprey Project.

7 thoughts on “Ospreys back in Britain

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